Sunnyside-Blueridge Community Garden

 About us


 Mission Statement: Our goal is to feed food insecure families in food deserts with a strong   emphasis on the elderly and disabled.


 Sunnyside-Blueridge Community Garden (S.B.C.G) is located in the Sunnyside community in the   Third Ward in  Houston, Texas. In July 2015, Sunnyside-Blueridge Community Garden was

 declared by the I.R.S. to be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The mission at that time for Sunnyside-Blueridge   Community Garden was to be a resource to help the residents in the Sunnyside community find

 food sources and fundraise money for land and equipment for its own garden.


Sunnyside-Blueridge Community Garden partnered with Right Choices Inc.  a youth organization   Sunnyside-Blueridge Community Garden and Right Choices Inc. are doing  fundraisers and the garden will now be on a parcel of land owned by Right Choices Inc.

 The Food Desert


 The Sunnyside community has a population of 27000. The unemployment rate is 29% the highest

 in Houston, Texas.The average income is less than $25000.00. Many households are below

 the poverty line. Between 2006 and 2016 theSunnyside community has lost more than

 200 businesses. There is only one major grocery store left after another grocery store burned

 to the ground. It is uncertain if the owners will  rebuild. These two stores were the main source

 for fresh vegetables and fruits. S.B.C.G. goal is to give the elderly and disabled residents     free vegetables and fruits. All other residents will pay a small fee for their vegetables and fruits.


 Unfortunately, the Sunnyside community has an overabundance of fast food restaurants, liquor   stores and corner stores that have no fresh vegetables, fruits and meats. Since there is not an   abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits available to the residents of Sunnyside and fast food

 is mostly consumed, along with alcohol heath issues are a major   concern.The most commonly   reported health conditions are high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and heart disease.




The Covid-19 Pandemic and Jim’s Supermarket


Like many other nonprofits, the Covid-19 Pandemic has hurt donations to the Sunnyside-Blueridge Community Garden and Right Choices Inc. organizations. Donations and grants were rescinded by donors due to the pandemic. Funding for the construction of the garden was set at $35000.00. Sunnyside-Blueridge Community Garden and Right Choices Inc. has already put $7000.00 into the construction on the parcel of land. A fundraising campaign has been started on GoFund Me Charity for the remaining $28000.00.

Another major blow fell upon the residents of the Sunnyside community that occurred in late August. Jim’s Supermarket caught on fire and burned to the ground. Jim’s Supermarket was a source

where the residents of the Sunnyside community could get their fresh vegetables and fruits. No time table has been set on if or when the store will be rebuilt. So, there is an urgent need for donations to Sunnyside-Blueridge Community Garden so we can get the garden up and running as soon

as possible. Please go to our campaign at GoFund Me Charity.